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Whoever said, "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas?" Due to the SOLD OUT status of MIX07 Las Vegas this past May, Microsoft served up ReMIX07 with a twist, right here, on the east coast in Boston on October 8 & 9, 2007. Links to sessions and details on festivities are regularly updated on this site. Subscribe to our feed to stay in touch!

Lou Carbone on Engineering Experience

Lou Carbone is the founder, President and Chief Experience Officer of Experience Engineering, Inc., and is recognized as the leader who launched the “experience” movement with an article he wrote in 1994. Lou closed out the ReMIX event with a stellar closing keynote that really connected with the audience.

Lou covered how the human experience is important in conducting business. This applies across the board from how a company presents itself, to how good its service is, and of course, how great of an experience they provide when interacting with them online. This is a keynote that will really make you think about designing "user experiences" versus just a "user interface".

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The video of Lou's keynote is finally available online. You can view parts 1-4 via the links below:

David Laribee on Language Mashups with the DLR

David Laribee is president of Xclaim Software, an ISV offering document, claim, and policy management software. David spoke at ReMIX about how language "mashups" will be more common with the availability of the new .NET Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR). David also discussed what Domain Specific Languages (DSL) are and how they will help solve specific problem sets.

On a side note, I visited a house of a friend of mine in the outskirsts of Boston, and to my surprise, he had solar panels installed on his roof. He couldn't wait to show us his electric meter spinning backwards - it was truly cool :). He says that once all the state and federal incentives kicked in, he was able to get his system cost reduced by 40%. Wow, I said.
Because we also live in the Boston area, and the Massachusets rebates are so great, I am debating with my wife going solar soon. We've requested a couple of estimates so far, so we'll how it goes.

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