How to Announce the Engagement

Announcing your engagement is one of the first and most important things you need to do after you and your betrothed have agreed to marry. While you may wish to choose a date for the wedding yourself, it is a good idea to involve family members in the process of wedding planning. Of course, this means they have to know about it first! In addition, you will discover that failing to inform those close to you at the soonest possible time may well lead to hurt feelings for everyone including yourselves.

Who Should You Tell First?

Traditionally, the engaged couple should inform the bride’s parents first. The groom’s parents should be informed next. An alternative solution, however, is to inform both sets of parents at the same time. This helps prevent the possibility of the second set of parents feeling hurt about being the second choice.

There is, however, an exception to this rule. If either the future bride or groom already has children, the children should be informed first. After the parents and children are informed about the upcoming nuptials, close family members, such as siblings and grandparents, should be told next.

Announcing the Engagement

It is easy to formally tell your friends and extended family of your big news by sending an announcement card. Accepted etiquette in this respect is to ensure the card clearly indicates the purpose of the notification. It is helpful to use a plain card or special grade paper with little adornment. This way, no one will be left confused by believing the announcement is some sort of invitation.

It isn’t necessary to overspend on a notification card. Even preparing it by hand is acceptable, and it gives the invitation a personal touch. While it is not compulsory to send an engagement announcement, it is a good way to let all of your friends about the good news, without having to call them personally by telephone or email.

Inviting your guests to the wedding should not be a boring affair. See the various color selection for wedding invitations:

Announcement in the Media

When you decide to announce your engagement in the newspaper, you may wish to give a broad-base outline of your background, as well as that of your fiancé. Details of both sets of parents are also appropriate, particularly if they are known well in the local community. If you want to include a recent photo of you and your fiancé, the newspaper agency should be able to work with you to get this done.

It is really up to the happy couple as to whether a formal announcement of the engagement should be made. If you do not formally announce your engagement, displaying the ring and sharing more of your time together in public will be, in its own way, a sufficient public notification.